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An Extraordinary evening

Join us on September 8th as we unite the entrepreneurial and artistic communities under one roof recognizing the inherent connection between these two vibrant worlds.


As the sun sets and golden hour is upon us, the evening lights up with live music to stir your soul while professionally catered canapés are served to delight your tastebuds. Mix and mingle throughout the captivating gallery that showcases a tapestry of creativity and imagination, pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Amidst the melodies, masterpieces, and delectable delights, connect with fellow attendees who share your passion for entrepreneurship, art, and making a positive impact. Forge new connections, exchange ideas, be open to the possibilities of expansion committed to the vision of shaping a brighter collaborative future. 

Don't forget to peruse TEAS silent auction dedicated to the Michael Cuccione Foundation. Bid on exclusive art pieces, luxury experiences, and unique items donated by our generous partners. Every bid takes us a step closer to making a difference in building awareness and raising the vital funds needed to find a cure for childhood cancer.


Join us

Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary evening at TEAS - where artistry meets innovation, where compassion fuels change, and where every moment is a vibrant tribute to creativity, entrepreneurship, and the limitless power of collaboration.

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